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The Vital Qualities to Look Out for in the Best Quality Timber

If you are looking for high quality lumber, then the following are some of the vital qualities that you need to be on the lookout for.

The first quality we will mention here I that of hardness. In order to be able to resist deterioration, good quality lumber should posses the quality of hardness.

Second to this is that good quality lumber needs to be strong enough. In the event that you are looking for the timber to use in structural constructions, then you to ensure that you for the kind that is strong enough to resist such heavy structural loads.

At the same time, high quality lumber needs to be tough enough and as a general counsel, this is not to be taken to mean the same thing as strength. High quality lumber needs to be tough enough to resist the shocks that result from vibrations. The effects of vibrations are seen in causing bending and splitting and as such you need to assure that the lumber you settle for does not quite exhibit such effects in the event of such forces of tremors. To assure this, only settle for those timbers that have narrow annual rings for they are basically known to be the toughest.

The other essential quality of lumber is that of elasticity. Elasticity actually happens to be such an essential quality majorly looking at the fact that after the removal of loads, you need to see the timber regain its shape. It is such an important factor to consider more so where you are looking for the right timber to use for the manufacture of sports goods.

The next quality we will be taking a look at in so far as high quality timber goes is that of durability. Timber is exposed to attacks from fungi, worms and is as well affected by atmospheric effects. It is as such important for you to consider going for the kind of timber that indeed has such durability quality so as to last the while, not so seriously affected by the effects of attacks from worms and fungi and weather conditions and elements.

The lumber should as well be the kind that is prepared from the heart of a sound tree and as such be so free of defects. This can only be found in those kinds of timber that will be sourced from the core of the healthiest of trees and as such will not show the presence of sap, dead knots, shakes and a list of the other issues of defects.

It is a fact that the best quality timber as well needs to have the straight and closed fibers and a structure that is so compact as well.

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