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The Steps to Take to Get an ISBN Number

Probably, you are an author, publisher or just an ordinary reader and have seen books so marked with ISBN numbers but may have never fully understood what these numbers are all about. An ISBN, International Standard Book Number, is basically a code that is used to identify books and other published materials and even e-books. Looking at this fact and the other that these will so help your works to be so easily catalogued, it is as such a fact that for the authors, self publishing writers, company representatives and publishers who wish to achieve these with their works, the need to have an ISBN acquired is more than a necessity but a must. The steps that you will need to take for the need to have obtained an ISBN actually varies from one country to the other. Thus you will need to identify your national ISBN agency by visiting the ISBN Agency website as you begin the process of obtaining your ISBN. Once on this site, you will click on your country and from there follow the steps as given by your national ISBN agency. To find your national ISBN agency, all you will need to do is to visit the ISBN agency website which is available at

After so landing on this site, the next step will take you to selecting the country wherein your company happens to be headquartered. The option for choosing your company’s country headquarters is available on the site’s dropdown menu. Make sure that you have actually selected this option even in those cases where your company happens to be having such multiple locations. This is majorly a step for those who may be applying for the ISBN on behalf of a company or organization.

If you are not applying on behalf of a company or organization, then you need to select your country. In this category are entities and interests such as the traditional and e-book publishers, audio cassette, software and video producers, and the representatives of museums and other organizations that have their own publishing programs as they will as well have to make their selection of the countries wherein they are based. This you do by getting to the same dropdown menu and getting to the “Find Agency” page and use this to find your national agency.

The next step will be that which will see you create an account with your national agency. And on this as well, you need to note that the steps vary from one national agency to the other.

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