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Writing Fiction and Points of View

The point of view applied in a story flow determines who interesting readers shall find the story to be. This is important especially if you wish for them to keep reading your works of fiction. The point of view is what tells of the tone of the book. The reader shall get a perspective from which they shall observe as the story as it unfolds. It is therefore important to understand the different points of view you can use in telling your story. It also pays to know hoe shifts in these point of view work.

There is the first person point of view, in which the story is told through a character’s emotions, senses and internal thoughts. There shall be the use of specific pronouns and verbs. The pronoun I gets used up many times. There is no other tense for the verbs except the present.

The a second-person point of view, on the other hand, relies on the pronoun You a lot. This gives readers a challenge in getting into the groove of the story, since there is the feeling of distance between the story and them.

There is the third person point of view, in which there is the use of the pronouns He and She. All verbs are in the past tense. When it is used alone it shall be easy for the readers to feel detached. This is because the reader is left to see the story through the author’s eyes, with few glimpses through the character’s eyes.

The third person limited point of view makes a combination of the first person and third person points. The author shall thus use the first person character’s five senses, emotions and internal thoughts with the third person perspective, to tell the story through their narration. In this style, the main character’s take on the world is used to drive the author’s narration.

There is also the idea of shifting points of view, which acts as a magical perspective. It has the capability of revealing the emotions, thoughts, and five senses of anyone who sees through it. This can be seen when you look at how the proceedings at a party are explained from an almost aerial point of view. There shall be the description of the different ways in which people are enjoying themselves. Then there is some noise from a corner where a person has collapsed. We then see the main character how happens to be a law enforcement officer step up to the scene. What happens thereafter is observes through their eyes. We get to understand how they have taken the tragedy. We hear their thoughts as they vow to find out what happened here. Works of fiction would not survive without such shifts. They lead to better unsdd6aisng if the story.

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