Wedding Dress Alterations in the Big Apple

A wedding is a day that most women have dreamed about since they were little girls. Dreaming of the perfect day with the perfect dress and perfect groom alongside her on that special day. While the thought of a beautiful wedding is magical, the preparation leading up to that special day isn’t always as magical as it may seem. Weddings take a plethora of planning and patience. Starting with the wedding dress for the bride; probably the most important piece of the entire day. It is critical for the bride’s dress to be everything and more that has been dreamed about. Picking out the dress and staying within the budget can be the most exhausting task for a bride-to be. Once the bride-to be has successfully said “yes to the dress”, that is only the beginning of the process.

Most wedding dresses are not made to fit off the rack. Most all wedding dresses require some type of alterations, rather it be adding fabric to the dress, removing and replacing special beading or creating a longer train. It really depends on the bride’s preference and what she is looking for in her perfect dress. Wedding gowns range in size, shape and color. It is important for a bride to remember to add in the cost of alterations when planning her wedding. This is often times forgotten and can become an added expense if not planned for. There are several tips for a bride to remember when it comes to dress alterations such as budget, being mindful of your anticipated wedding weight, staying on schedule and wearing your actual wedding shoes when alterations are being made to name a few.

While most alterations can be done at the location when a bride has purchased her dress, others make the decision to have alterations done elsewhere. The number of wedding dress alterations new york city ny have increased as brides have found that designers in New York have created the perfect fit from alterations. These designers know that brides will travel from all over the world to experience world class service for their special day. There are several different vendors in the New York area in which brides are flocking to for alterations for their special day.

After saying “yes to the dress”, seeking out the perfect alteration shop and several fittings, a bride is on her way to completing the wedding dress portion for her big day. Not having the correct alterations can make or break a dress. Dresses are not designed to fit everyone’s body shape, which is why alterations play a major role in the process. Without the alterations, a bride may or may not feel as spectacular as she could on her special day. Wedding magazines and websites such as the offer resources for bride’s to seek out alterations. Keeping in mind that alterations can take up to months to complete, it’s better for brides to get the alterations done sooner rather than later to ensure the dress is ready and completed for their special day!